Bath fluid Thermal H10

JULABO Thermal bath fluids are ideally suited for all of your temperature control applications and guarantee safe and reliable operation. Choosing the proper bath fluid is critical for best results in temperature control. Viscosity and heat transfer of Thermal fluids are specifically matched with each JULABO temperature control unit.

JULABO Thermal bath fluids have been carefully selected and are optimized for maximum performance with JULABO instruments.

Extended temperature range: Thermal H10 can be used within the temperature range from -40°C to +180°C with circulators of the TopTech and HighTech series as well as CF31 and CF41.


  • Low viscosity
  • High stability
  • Minimum odor
  • Good heat conductivity
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Including drain tap

Technical Data

Order no. 5 liters 8940115
Order no. 10 liters 8940114
Working temperature (°C) (-40) -20...+180
Flash point (°C) >+170
Fire point (°C) +220
Viscosity (kinematic at 20 °C in mm²/s) 10.8
Density (at 20 °C in g/cm³) 0.94
Pour point (°C) <-60
Boiling point (°C) +288
Ignition temperature (°C) +370
Color clear
Thermal expansion coefficient K-1 0.00092
Heat conductivity [W/m*K] 0.14
Specific volume resistivity [Ohm*cm] 8x1014

This accessory is suited for:
CORIO CD, CORIO CD-200F, CORIO CD-201F, CORIO CD-300F, CORIO CD-600F, CORIO CD-B13, CORIO CD-B17, CORIO CD-B19, CORIO CD-B27, CORIO CD-B33, CORIO CD-B39, CORIO CD-B5, CORIO CD-BC12, CORIO CD-BC26, CORIO CD-BC4, CORIO CD-BC6, DYNEO DD, DYNEO DD-1000F, DYNEO DD-1001F, DYNEO DD-200F, DYNEO DD-201F, DYNEO DD-300F, DYNEO DD-600F, DYNEO DD-601F, DYNEO DD-900F, DYNEO DD-BC12, DYNEO DD-BC26, DYNEO DD-BC4, DYNEO DD-BC6, F25-HE, F25-HL, F32-HE, F32-HL, F33-HL, F34-HE, F70-ME, F81-ME, F95-SL, FC1200, FC1200S, FC1200T, FC1600, FC1600S, FC1600T, FC600, FC600S, FCW2500T, FCW600, FCW600S, FK30-SL, FK31-SL, FL11006, FL1201, FL1203, FL1701, FL1703, FL20006, FL2503, FL2506, FL300, FL4003, FL4006, FL601, FL7006, FLW20006, FP35-HL, FP50-HE, FP50-HL, FP51-SL, FP52-SL, FP52-SL, FP52-SL-150C, FP55-SL, FP55-SL-150C, FP89-HL, FP89-ME, FP90-SL, FP90-SL-150C, FPW50-HE, FPW50-HL, FPW52-SL, FPW52-SL, FPW52-SL-150C, FPW55-SL, FPW55-SL-150C, FPW90-SL-150C, FPW91-SL, FW95-SL, HE-4, HL-4, SC10000w SemiChill, SC2500a SemiChill, SC2500w SemiChill, SC5000a SemiChill, SC5000w SemiChill, SE-12, SE-26, SE-6, SL-12, SL-14K, SL-26, SL-6, SL-8K

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