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50th Anniversary at JULABO GmbH

Julabo GmbH celebrates their 50th company anniversary in 2017. These 50 years of experiences, skills, and innovation were celebrated extensively during a multi-day JULABO event package from Gala Evening in Europe Park Rust to Partner Experience Day to Open House in Seelbach.

PRESTO - Highly Dynamic Powerhouses

The PRESTO series is designed for precise temperature control as well as rapid cool-down and heat-up phases, making it ideal for reactor temperature control, material stress tests, or temperature simulations. PRESTO models W91, W92 as well as W91x and W92x benefit in particular from a significant increase in the refrigeration-heating capacity. The heating capacity increased from previously 12 kW to 18 kW, The W92tt(x) models offer even twice the heating capacity. 

Powerful CORIO circulators - CORIO CD-1000F and CD-1001F

The new instruments of the CORIO series incorporate cutting-edge technology for fulfilling high expectations of accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. The CORIO line includes various models for daily and routine tasks in the lab, including immersion circulators, heating and cooling circulators, and powerful new refrigerated circulators.

PURA – the revolution in water baths

JULABO´s new PURA water baths set a completely new standard. Their modern design supports the water baths´ practical features while the enamel finish provides increased efficiency and a range of advantages in everyday laboratory work.

New Presto® W50 and W50t

JULABO’s new PRESTO® models W50 and W50t provide a high dynamic temperature control system that can handle temperature ranges of -50°C to +250°C. Covering such an extremely broad temperature range means that the equipment is well-suited for demanding temperature applications such as reactors, mini-plants, pilot plants, material testing stands, micro-reactors, and material and component tests in the auto industry, for example...

Lifetime Business Achievement Medal of Honor

As part of the annual awards ceremony for the Lifetime Business Achievement Medal of Honor event, the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Nils Shmid presented Gerhard Juchheim with the Lifetime Business Achievement Medal of Honor for 2015 from the state of Baden-Württemberg. Since 1978 this award has been bestowed on leaders and companies for their outstanding professional and entrepreneurial achievements. Gerhard Juchheim was honored for his lifetime business contribution in Baden-Württemberg by Mr. Schmid in the famous marble ballroom of the Neuen Schloss (New Castle) in Stuttgart.

Laborregler / Laboratory temperature controllers

PRESTO W91 / W92

Gerhard Juchheim Jubiläum / Gerhard Juchheim Anniversary

Thermodynamik in Perfektion / Thermodynamic Power

JULABO at ACHEMA 2012 - Several Innovations for Professional Temperature Control

JULABO will present an array of new products at ACHEMA 2012 (18 through 22 June). The Temperature Control Company will introduce a brand new generation of Refrigerated & Heating Circulators. At the JULABO booth visitors are welcome to check out several new models of the all-new, state-of-the-art PRESTO® series of highly dynamic temperature control systems.

Maximum Performance – Minimum Space

When space is scarce but routine applications require high performance, then the answer is JULABO Cryo-Compact Circulators.

The Power of Thermodynamics

The new PRESTO® from JULABO represents the state-of-the-art for modern laboratories. Maximum heating capacity can also be adapted to fluctuations in the mains power supply.Highly efficient components give these instruments the ability to compensate for exothermic and endothermic reactions with extraordinary speed.

JULABO Water Baths and Shaking Water Baths

JULABO offers high-quality water baths for diverse purposes with a working temperature range from 20 to 99.9 °C. They feature easy operation, space-saving design, a large selection of trays and racks and high-quality manufacturing.

Professional Temperature Control from -95 to +400 °C

JULABO heating and refrigerated circulators are applied worldwide for temperature control in research, science, laboratories, technical centers and processing industries.

Environment-friendly and economic cooling

With the FL line JULABO presents a generation of chillers for routine cooling applications in laboratories and industry. More than 20 models with cooling capacities from 0.3 kW up to 20 kW and numerous features offer the ideal solution for any application.

JULABO invests in new Headquarters for US Subsidiary

Opening of Modern Headquarters for US Subsidiary

In June JULABO opened its new headquarters of the US subsidiary in Allentown,

High Precision and Speed

JULABO presents an extensive program of temperature control solutions ranging from -95 to +400 °C. Since JULABO’s foundation in 1967 the company has pioneered the development of technology for liquid temperature control.

Expansion of JULABO

JULABO has expanded its headquarters in Seelbach. The spacious annex contains state-of-the-art facilities for research and development. The new building also includes a new and attractive Bistro for JULABO’s employees. The purchase of adjoining premises provides a basis for future growth.


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