Customized special solutions for temperature control technology

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Not all applications can be temperature controlled with a standard solution. Existing systems may need to be upgraded and expanded. Our Business Unit Solutions (BUS), with its own in-house development team of engineers and designers, specializes specifically in optimizing or modifying existing equipment designs to meet individual customer requirements. Our many years of experience and our flexibility provide the perfect basis for meeting exceptional requirements. It also enables us to keep breaking new ground. Your vision is our driving force. This produces impressive results.

Special solutions from a single source:

At the beginning of the development process, there is always an intensive exchange of information about the customer's wishes and expectations. Based on these findings, our specialists develop an initial concept for an optimum solution, which takes technological and economic aspects into account. The focus is on practicability and cost effectiveness as well as on quality and benefits. Throughout the entire development phase, the team of experts is in close contact with the customer. After completion of the device and extensive functional tests under simulated conditions, as well as after preparation of the required documents and CE approval, joint commissioning and customer release take place on-site. Attractive service offerings round off our portfolio. You have the challenge - we implement the perfect solution.

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Our examples show the difference between individual special solutions:

Tailored solution for aerospace

The customer's requirements included simulating and maintaining a constant temperature in a pilot's cockpit. The intention was to test the behavior of the inserted glass under various realistic scenarios. A tailor-made heat exchanger with piping and connections was designed and implemented because a high heat transfer rate had to be realized in the smallest possible space. This means that the connected PRESTO W50 can optimally transfer its full power to the application.

Full flexibility for automotive customers

For many automotive customers, flow control of fluids plays a decisive role in the simulation of real conditions, e.g. in battery or power electronics research. JULABO has developed a variety of customized flow measurement and control systems to meet this requirement. These often include flow meters, an electronically controlled bypass, or the realization of multiple circuits via one process system. JULABO integrates all necessary components into an add-on module, which is either attached directly to the device or installed nearby. In terms of hardware and software, all components are optimally matched to each other and to the customer's application.

Maximum purity for the semiconductor industry

In the semiconductor industry, the highest value is placed on purity in order to achieve a perfect end product. The temperature control technology used must also meet these high requirements. For this reason JULABO developed a completely new customized device for the process development of photolithographic systems for a well-known customer. All materials used have been designed for use with deionized water (DI water) to prevent corrosion by design. In addition, special measures had to be taken with regard to sealing technology, as only a few selected materials such as stainless steel and PTFE were approved.

Separation of system for tempering saltwater

The customer performs stress tests on materials several times a day involving temperature shock tests in a 1,800-liter saltwater tank. This external application must be cooled from 5 to 0 °C in the shortest possible time with adequate cooling capacity to make it possible to repeat the tests within a given period of time. Since salt water is not suitable as a bath fluid due to corrosion and freezing concerns, JULABO supplied a recirculating chiller with a customized heat exchanger in a suitable housing. This effectively separates the fluid on the tempering side from that on the application side. The additionally installed circulation pump provided the necessary flow rate.

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