Beer Forcing Test Refrigerated / Heating Circulating Baths

to determine the ‘best before’ date of beer

The JULABO Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Bath is employed in conjunction with a photometer to determine the "potential to last" for bottled beer. The beer is aged in a programmed temperature cycle treatment, which is repeated until additional clouding is observed.

Product Features

  • Automatic cycles of temperature ramps simulate aging
  • Pre-programmed temperature profiles for forcing test
  • Program modification possible at any time
  • RS232 interface for online communication
  • Removable Plexiglass® cover
  • PID3 cascade temperature control
  • Large bath opening with insert for 20 bottles, 0.5 liters each (Racks for other bottle sizes on request)

Product Overview

DYNEO DD beer forcing test refrigerated / heating circulating baths

to determine the ‘best before’ date of beer

The JULABO beer forcing test bath in conjunction with a photometer determines the product life of beer before clouding. The simulated aging process is achieved through a programmable temperature profile, which is repeated, until the first clouding develops.

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Working temperature range (°C) -38 ... +100
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.01
Cooling capacity (kW) 1
Heating capacity (kW) 2
Pump capacity flow pressure (l/min) 8 ... 27
Circulation capacity pressure (bar) 0.1 ... 0.7