Vision and values

Die JULABO Vision JULABO is an independent, sustainable familiy-owned company and always wants to present the best solutions. Therefore we focus on performance, inspiration and authenticity towards our stakeholders: customers, employees and further stakeholder.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer products and solutions which contribute to a better life of our stakeholder. “Superior Temperature Technology for a better life” stands as the basic principle for our vision. To achieve this JULABO is always performance, inspiring and authentic:
  • We are the global premium temperature control professional and shape the market as the mastermind and innovator.
  • We inspire our customers by offering the best solutions.
  • We offer the best service worldwide.
  • We are an attractive employer – in Seelbach and worldwide.
  • We are always authentic, regionally responsible and committed.
  • We are an independent, sustainable family-owned company.

The JULABO world

the JULABO world The JULABO world unites our three stakeholder groups and our core values performance, inspiring and authentic. Within this world we show our values with which we want to inspire our stakeholder groups.

JULABO values

JULABO is performance

  • We deliver performance products that exceed the customers‘ expectations.
  • We provide expert consultation services before, during and after purchase.
  • We implement efficient processes to ensure fast delivery.
  • We provide consistent professionalism worldwide.
  • We minimize the processing time of all inquiries by using performance technologies.
  • We are constantly improving ourselves at every level of the organization.

JULABO is inspiring

  • We make sure our customers, partners and employees are pleased with JULABO and the JULABO experience.
  • We are profitable and maintain healthy growth.
  • We are quick to respond to inquiries.
  • We offer individual and personal advice.
  • We offer secure jobs and career opportunities.
  • We offer employees security and inspiring career perspectives.
  • We are helpful and competent.
  • We offer products that inspire through high quality.
  • We are pragmatic and offer solutions that work.
  • We have fun at work.

JULABO is authentic

  • We are honest.
  • We are socially and locally committed.
  • We strive to protect the environment.
  • We are an attractive employer.
  • We are a fair partner.


Gerhard-Juchheim-Strasse 1
77960 Seelbach / Germany
Tel: +49 7823 51-0
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