Heating circulators

Solving temperature control tasks between +20 °C and +300 °C with high precision

JULABO circulators are used successfully around the world. Whether in research, material testing or in production – the well proven and reliable technology is valued by users in all industries. By focusing on user requirements JULABO has set the benchmark for temperature control technology for over 4 decades. Whether you are faced with routine tasks or highly demanding applications with strict requirements, the JULABO product line is certain to contain everything you need. Our three lines - CORIO, DYNEO and MAGIO - can handle any challenge or any budget!


Heating immersion circulators

with attachment clamp for any bath tank up to 50 liters filling volume

JULABO immersion circulators for controlling temperature in any bath tank up to 50 liters. These units are equipped with a bath attachment clamp for wall thicknesses up to 26 mm. Alternatively, the circulator may be fastened to a laboratory stand. The clamp makes it easy to install the circulator onto an existing bath tank.

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Open Heating Bath Circulators with stainless steel bath tank CORIO C-B13 from JULABO view 1

Open heating bath circulators

for internal temperature applications

Open heating bath circulators are designed for internal applications in the circulator bath. The models on this page are equipped with bath tanks made of Polycarbonat or stainless steel. Available accessories include a variety of test tube racks, immersion-height adjustable platforms and cooling coils. The circulator can be removed for easy cleaning of the bath tanks.

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Heating circulators with open bath

for internal and external temperature applications with transparent or stainless steel bath tanks and pump connections

JULABO open heating bath circulators with bath tanks made of stainless steel, Plexiglas, or Makrolon are designed for internal and external temperature applications. They are primarily used for internal temperature control directly within the bath tank. External closed systems may be connected via the integrated pump connections. Models are available with a variety of bath sizes and other functional characteristics.

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Heating circulator CORIO CD-BC26 from JULABO view 1

Heating circulators

with high-quality insulated bath tanks for temperature applications up to +300 °C

JULABO circulators with stainless steel bath tanks are suitable for both internal and external temperature control. They have greater power for larger and open systems, making them ideal for external temperature control. Smaller objects may be inserted directly into the circulator's bath at the same time.

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Bridge Mounted Circulator MAGIO MX-Z from JULABO view 1

Bridge mounted circulators

with extendable bridge for bath tanks up to 100 liters filling volume

JULABO bridge mounted circulator with extendable stainless steel bridge. The adjustable bridge permits use of the circulator with a wide variety of bath tanks. This model is suitable for both internal and external temperature control tasks. It has the power to control the temperature of even large bath tanks up to 100 L. An integrated cooling coil enables temperature control below or near the ambient temperature.

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