Temperature Control Systems in the Food Industry


An uninterrupted cold chain, a sufficiently high temperature during processing, and a constant temperature during fermentation – it is evident that temperature is an essen-tial part of many processes in the food industry. However, in addition to these appar-ent applications, there are many other processes where the temperature is important. They range from testing and calibrating flow sensors, to pre-temperature-conditioning individual ingredients when developing new recipes, to maintaining a constant tempera-ture in water baths. Without precise temperature management in the manufacturing and processing procedures, chocolate, for example, would lose everything we love it for.

Temperature control systems are used at many points in the production process in the food industry. They not only optimize and calibrate the production systems but also guarantee a consistently high quality of the end products. Chocolate production has been enormously simplified since the development of state-of-the-art temperature control systems with precisely adjustable temperature windows and temperature curves.

PRESTO temperature control systems and circulators of the CORIO series are used in numerous food processing plants. That is why our team of experts in the food industry has extensive experience. With their know-how, they can adapt our devices perfectly to your requirements, so that expensive custom-made products are not necessary. Feel free to contact us – we are at your side from planning to installation with advice and support.

Temperature Control Systems in the Food Industry