Bio-based plastics

Reduced environmental footprint for the food industry


The food industry is looking for and researching sustainable packaging alternatives that ensure the safety of food and ideally even extend its shelf life. Bio-based plastics are one such way to protect the environment while reducing food waste. Consumer interest in sustainable alternatives to fossil-based plastics is also steadily growing. There is a realistic opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint. 

There are already countless examples of bio-based plastics that can help the food industry achieve ambitious, environmentally important goals: packaging for chocolate bars made from potato starch, recyclable drink bottles partly made from plant-based raw materials, bags and containers for fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, and dairy products, or sustainable packaging for coffee pads. This also applies to other consumables such as cups, straws, and bowls. In addition to the savings in carbon dioxide and petroleum, these materials usually biodegrade more easily. 

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