OPC UA communication interface for temperature control technology

OPC UA stands for "Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture" and is a standardized communication standard between machines (M2M) or between machines and higher-level systems. The open interface standard is independent of the machine or application manufacturer and is one of the most important communication standards for Industry 4.0 and the IoT.

In order to speak a common "language," so-called "companion specifications" are constantly being developed and published for a wide variety of unit types. This means that the data to be exchanged in an industry (e.g. laboratory devices) is standardized and all information is thus made available in the same form across all units and manufacturers. The specifications are developed in cooperation between the OPC Foundation, various professional associations (e.g. SPECTARIS for optics, photonics, analysis and medical technology) and machine manufacturers. Upon customer request, JULABO can equip any refrigerated and heating circulators of the MAGIO series with the OPC UA communication interface.



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