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PB-2 Option 8900002

PB-2 Option  8900002 from JULABO View 1
PB-2 Option: Integrated Profibus DP
Order No.: 8900002

This accessory is suitable for:

HT30-M1, HT30-M1-CU, HT60-M3, HT60-M3-CU

PB-5 Option 8900005

PB-5 Option  8900005 from JULABO View 1
PB-5 Option: Integrated Profibus DP for HL, SL.
Order No.: 8900005

Electronic module with analog connections 8900100

Electronic module with analog connections  8900100 from JULABO View 1
Electronic module with one input and two outputs for external programming or flow sensor or temperature recorder (current/voltage), scalable as well as Standby input and Alarm output. Available as option or to retrofit for circulators of the HighTech series.
Order No.: 8900100

Electronic module 8900105

Electronic module with analog connections (Input, Output, Standby-In).
Order No.: 8900105

USB to Serial RS-232 DB9 Adapter Cable 8900110

USB to Serial RS-232 DB9 Adapter Cable 8900110 from JULABO View 1
The USB Interface Adapter Cable (2.5 m) allows to connect JULABO instruments with RS232 interface to a PC with USB port.Included in delivery: USB Interface Cable RS232 9 pin <> USB Typ A, CD with driver software for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.
Order No.: 8900110

EasyTemp Control Software 8901102

Free control software for a computer with RS232 interface JULABO.Download it from! EasyTemp Control Software (Free).
Order No.: 8901102

'EasyTemp Professional' control software 8901105

'EasyTemp Professional' control software.
Order No.: 8901105

Sight glass 8970815

Sight glass, -100…+280 °C, PN16/Class 230, 2 fittings M30x1.5 male.
Order No.: 8970815

RS232 interface cable 8980075

RS232 interface cable 8980075 from JULABO View 1
RS232 interface cable, length 3 m.
Order No.: 8980075

This accessory is suitable for:

SW22, SW23

Pressure sensor 8980771

Pressure sensor, 2 fittings M24x1.5 male (-95 ... +250 °C).
Order No.: 8980771

Pressure sensor 8980772

Pressure sensor 8980772, 2 fittings M30x1.5 male (-95 ... +250 °C)
Order No.: 8980772


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