Refrigerated circulators

Solving temperature control tasks between -95 °C and +200 °C with high precision

Refrigerated circulators made by JULABO are used worldwide. Whether in research, material testing or in technical systems – the well proven and hassle-free technology is valued by users in all industries worldwide. Focused on your requirements, JULABO refrigerated circulators have set the benchmark for temperature control technology for decades.

The JULABO range of circulators offers the functional solution for your day-to-day work, whether routine task or highest requirement: CORIO, DYNEO and MAGIO – three model series for every requirement and every budget!

Refrigerated / Heating Circulators

for working temperatures from -50 °C to +200 °C

Refrigerated circulators from JULABO temperature control their applications efficiently and hassle-free. High heating/cooling capacities guarantee short heat-up and cool-down times. The refrigerated circulators are available in various sizes and performance classes for flexible use in individual temperature applications. You can use the units for external or internal temperature applications at any time.

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Cryo-Compact Circulators

for working temperatures from -40 °C to +200 °C

The new CF series offers compact refrigerated/heating circulators. With small overall dimensions the units can even be placed on a very small surface or within a complex installation. All models offer a heating capacity of 2 kW and safety class III according to DIN12876-1. The maximum ambient temperature of +40°C as well as a ventilation air cooling allow installing the units very closely side by side with other units or directly under a fume hood.

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Ultra-Low Refrigerated-Heating Circulators

for working temperatures from -95 °C to +150 °C

JULABO Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators for heating and cooling. The units are suitable for external temperature applications with simultaneous operation in the bath tank. The units provide particularly high heating and cooling capacities for rapid heat-up and cool-down times even for large volume, external systems.

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