Temperature Control Technology for Aerospace


The universe is infinite - and merciless. The satellites orbiting the earth are already witnessing this. In particular, the extreme temperature differences between the side of the earth facing the sun and away from the sun pose a real challenge on the orbit of the satellites. Since maintenance or repair is impossible, all materials and components, as well as the satellite itself, must undergo intensive testing for which temperature and vacuum resistance are critical.

Satellites are indispensable for a globally networked world. To be profitable, they must work reliably and maintenance-free under extreme conditions for several years. High-performance temperature control systems, such as the JULABO PRESTO series, provide the enormous temperatures in thermal vacuum chambers that reliably and reproducibly test satellites and all systems and components intended for space. The PRESTO devices are easy to use and, thanks to a sophisticated, modular range of accessories, extremely flexible and can be adapted to specific requirements. Our aerospace experts are always available to answer your questions.  

Temperature Control Technology for Aerospace

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