Temperature Control Solutions in the Semiconductor Industry


Today, every smartphone contains millions of times more computing power than NASA had available for the Apollo missions. We owe this to the semiconductor industry, which is accommodating more and more power in smaller and smaller spaces while pushing the limits of what is technically and physically feasible. High-precision procedures are used to build complex circuits that are only visible at high magnification. In the semiconductor industry, there is very little room for error in the truest sense of the word. Numerous process steps are linked to a precise temperature control application.

The production of conductive paths that make a human hair look like a bulwark requires absolute precision in the nanometer range. For this purpose, numerous processes in semiconductor production must be precisely temperature-controlled. In an almost infinite number of individual steps, extremely thin layers are applied, partially masked and the unmasked parts removed with absolute precision. The etching baths must be kept within an optimum temperature range to keep the etching rate constant and predictable in wet-chemical processes. This requires the use of absolutely precise and reliable temperature control solutions, which are ideally calibrated for the respective area of application.


A perfectly balanced temperature control system not only improves production results, but also increases process reliability and reduces production time, costs, and maintenance. Our experienced and well-rehearsed team of specialists in the field of temperature control of processes in the semiconductor industry will be pleased to answer your questions. Of course, we adapt our temperature control solutions to your individual needs if required.

Temperature Control Solutions in the Semiconductor Industry