Temperature Control in the Chemical Industry


As a supplier to almost all manufacturing companies, the chemical industry relies on efficient and safe processes to meet its production requirements. Since most chemical reactions are either exothermic and release heat, or endothermic and absorb heat, a reliable temperature control application plays a central role in the chemical industry. Precise and consistent temperature control of individual process steps is of decisive importance, especially in process engineering. The use of temperature control solutions in process engineering ranges from laboratory benchmark in the development of new materials and processes to the temperature control of large industrial plants.

In chemical reaction and process engineering, a precise temperature control application has a decisive influence on production output, product quality, and process reliability. The requirements placed on temperature control systems are strongly application-related. JULABO temperature control systems can be individually adapted to most applications thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the wide temperature range, and the extraordinary dynamics. Nevertheless, the development of an individual solution specially adapted to your application is possible at any time. 

Our temperature control specialists in the field of process engineering and reactor temperature control will be pleased to advise you and develop a temperature control solution with you that is perfectly designed for your application in all parameters.

Chemical Process Technology