1 PLUS Warranty registration

With the 1PLUS Warranty JULABO offers an extension to the normal warranty of up to 24 months, limited to a maximum of 10 000 working hours.
In order to claim this additional warranty, the serial No. of the model, which appears on the type plate of the unit, must be registered. Upon successful registration, the extended warranty for your product becomes available. The registration has to be made not later than 4 weeks after initial operation of the unit.

Registration process

To register your JULABO unit now, please fill out the form below in its entirety.

For registration to be successful, all of the unit's serial numbers must be entered. Depending on the type of unit, there will be one or two numbers. These numbers are located on the type label(s) (see figures at right). Even if the numbers are identical, please register both components.

Which products can be registered?

The 1PLUS warranty is valid for all models from the current JULABO range of instruments. This extended warranty will apply from the date of JULABO GmbH's original invoice.

The following units are not quallified for the 1 PLUS warranty registration :

  • Special adjustments from the Solutions division
  • Products "fusionchef by JULABO"
  • OEM Products


CORIO CD-200F refrigerated circulator

  • Circulator with the 1st type label
    No. 1042XXXX, Modell CORIO CD
  • Cooling machine with 2nd type label
    No. 1042XXXX, Modell 200F

Please call JULABO if you have any questions about registration.

Typenschild 1 Plus Registrierung
Type Plate
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