Plate Heat Exchangers – Wider Range of Applications for PRESTO Highly Dynamic Temperature Systems

Depending on the application, this may be the case for example due to viscosity, pressure or material compatibility. In such situations, a plate heat exchanger ensures system separation between the temperature control instrument circuit and the application circuit, thus enabling the use of JULABO devices. The heat exchangers are compact, professionally insulated and, thanks to our decades of experience, always optimally tailored to customer-specific requirements. This includes topics such as dimensioning, connections, performance characteristics or desired temperature control medium.

Application example: Pump test bench
A typical application is the endurance test on a pump test bench. Performance requirements and temperature profile require the use of 2-stage PRESTO systems such as W80, W85 or W91. However, these cannot be operated directly with the desired water-glycol medium due to their operating principle. Thanks to plate heat exchangers, indirect temperature control of water-glycol is still possible, and the advantages of the powerful devices can be fully exploited.

Further application examples
Our customers use plate heat exchangers for other applications as well.
These include:

  • Temperature control of osmosis water in the temperature range of +4 °C to +84 °C.
  • Cool-down and condensation of gases/vapors
  • Cool-down of gear oil to temperatures down to -40 °C, following by maintenance of the required temperature after self-heating

Many other applications have already been realized or are conceivable. In addition to using them with PRESTO devices, plate heat exchangers can also be a useful supplement to other products from the JULABO portfolio. Our experts will gladly advise you on your specific challenge.

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