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With our laboratory circulators, we at JULABO are setting standards in liquid temperature control for laboratories around the world. Our refrigerated and heating circulators offer precision, reliability and innovation for a wide range of applications, whether in research, development, production or industry. As a renowned manufacturer of temperature control solutions, we always strive to offer our customers maximum performance and efficiency using latest technologies. Our circulators allow for advanced experimentation, quality control and production processes thanks to their outstanding performance.

Categorization of laboratory circulators

Heating circulators in the lab

With a laboratory circulator from the heating circulators category, samples in test tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks or other vessels can be precisely heated and maintained at the desired temperature. The units are designed for high transfer efficiency and the best possible temperature homogeneity. The adjustable setpoints are above the ambient temperature. For laboratory circulators with an integrated pump, external applications can also be temperature controlled.

Overview heating circulators

Refrigerated circulators in the lab

A laboratory circulator with cooling machine can bring samples and applications in the laboratory precisely to a predefined temperature over a wide working temperature range and keep them there constantly. The cooling machine, whose operating principle is very similar to that of a usual refrigerator, also allows temperatures below the ambient temperature. This makes the units very flexible to use and enables temperature control applications in a very wide range of industries.

Overview refrigerated circulators

Overview of various laboratory circulators for different requirements

CORIO laboratory circulators

For simple tasks from internal temperature applications to small external applications.

  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Sophisticated operation
  • Flexible all-rounder
  • Energy-efficient and climate-friendly
All CORIO models & advantages

DYNEO laboratory circulators

For tasks with an increased working temperature range, programmable temperature profiles and external Pt100 sensors.

  • Modern control
  • Flexible use
  • Individual customization
  • Energy-efficient and climate-friendly
All DYNEO models & advantages

MAGIO laboratory circulators

With powerful pressure and suction pump and large touch display for demanding tasks. Maximum heating and cooling capacity in the laboratory.

  • Powerful
  • State-of-the-art touch display
  • Many interfaces
  • Energy-efficient and climate-friendly
All MAGIO models & advantages

Typical applications for laboratory circulators

Laboratory circulators are used for a large number of different applications. These include analytics or material analysis, quality control, biotechnology applications or syntheses. Whether measuring cells, refractometers, polarimeters, photometers, viscometers, fermenters, electrophoresis chambers, chromatography columns, rotary evaporators, rheometers and similar - laboratory circulators are usually the best choice for internal and external temperature control applications.


Customize your refrigerated and heating circulators perfectly to your specific application with a variety of options such as hoses, sensors, bath fluid, bath covers and much more.

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Of course, you have your own specific requirements. You can find the right laboratory circulator in a simple way using our product filter. For specific applications, the product filter naturally also lists other solutions such as recirculating coolers or process systems from the JULABO product portfolio.


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Do you already have an idea of which laboratory circulators or other products could be suitable, but are still looking for the details? Simply use our product comparison with a wide range of technical data for a quick and easy final selection. You can easily request further advice on your selection.


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Heating and Refrigerated Circulators
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Energy Efficient Refrigerated Circulators
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Precision: Thanks to our decades of experience in the temperature control of fluids, our laboratory circulators offer unsurpassed precision to execute even the most demanding experiments.

Reliability: All JULABO products are developed and manufactured under strict quality standards. They are designed to work hassle-free even under the most demanding conditions - often for decades.

Innovation: Continuous research and development have always been the focus of our thoughts and actions at JULABO. Our innovative products, functions and designs ensure that you can always achieve the best possible results.

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