Expand Your Options: Discover JULABO's FL Chillers with Integrated Heaters for Enhanced Temperature Control


Adding an integrated heater to a chiller can boost the options of temperature regulation. In biopharmaceutical production for instance, this integration opens up new possibilities for optimizing bioprocessing parameters, inducing protein expression, and enhancing overall product quality. Chillers with heaters also find valuable applications in the chemical manufacturing industry, where precise temperature control enhances reaction rates, selectivity, and overall process efficiency.

JULABO offers 22 different standard FL recirculating chiller models. The units range in cooling power from 300W to 20kW in air and water-cooled versions. All models incorporate RS232 communication and alarm output ports. The standard FL chillers do not incorporate an integrated heater and have an upper set point limit of +40 °C with a fluid return upper limit of +80 °C.

Many applications that do not require sophisticated I/O, user interfaces or ±0.01 °C stability require chillers with a broader temperature range and higher upper temperature limit. To meet these requirements, our Business Unit Solutions is capable to equip several FL chillers with an additional heater unit to increase the maximum temperature limit. The heating element is designed to provide controlled and adjustable heating to the fluid circulating within the chiller's system.

The FLW20006: The W stands for water-cooled

FL Chiller Nomenclature

Before we review the heater options, let us explain the FL product name nomenclature.

Cooling capacity: the root number in the product name signifies the cooling capacity in Watts at 20 °C. If the name includes a W, that indicates a water-cooled unit.

FL1201 → root number of 1200 = 1200W cooling power

FL2503 → root number of 2500 = 2500W cooling power

FLW7006 → root number of 7000 = 7400W* cooling power

And so on.

*Some water-cooled systems have higher cooling capacity than the analogous air-cooled models.

The last digit of the product name indicates the centrifugal pump pressure capability. FL chillers have product names ending in 1, 3 or 6. This designates the pump power in bar: 1 bar; 3 bar; 6 bar. Units with a 3 or 6 bar pump incorporate an integrated manual by-pass valve and an analog pressure gauge on the front of the unit.


Options for integrated heaters

Several FL chillers can be equipped with different integreated heaters. The heating capacity ranges from 1.3 kW to 18 kW. The tables below give an overview of the available heating options.

Technician fills the JULABO FLW20006 Chiller with temperature control fluid
FL chillers offer user-friendly setup and maintanance.

Small FL Chillers

ModelHeater Power (kW)Upper Limit (°C)

Mid-Size FL Chillers

ModelHeater Power (kW)Upper Limit (°C)
FL(W)25033 or 6+80 or +95
FL(W)40033 or 6+80 or +95
FL(W)25063 or 6+80 or +95
FL(W)40063 or 6+80 or +95

Large FL-Chillers

ModelHeater Power (kW)Upper Limit (°C)
FL(W)7006  6, 9, or 12+80 or +95
FL(W)11006  6, 9, or 12+80 or +95
FL(W)20006  6 or 9+80 or +95
FL(W)20006  6, 9, or 18+80 or +95


JULABO offers a wide range of robust and reliable FL chillers. Several of these models can be equipped with an integrated heater. The heater and upper limit options greatly expand the application scope of the FL product line.

Contact our sales experts or the engineering team from our Business Unit Solutions for further details!