DYNEO DD-1001F-BF: Beer Forcing Test


The JULABO forcing test heating/refrigerated circulator determines the non-organic shelf life; hence, the expected life-time of the beer concerning turbidity using an artificial hot-cold load.
A programmed temperature profile (temperature changes between 0 and 60 °C in a cycle time of 24 hours) causes artificial aging of the beer.

The profile is repeated until the first increase in turbidity is observed. The new DYNEO-DD-1001F-BF scores with a large color display with powerful luminance, which is easy to read even from a distance. The new DYNEO circulator also offers more ease of use: the required temperature profiles for the aging simulation are automatically pre-stored via the central controller. This speeds up the test procedure and guarantees a time-saving and smooth test sequence.

The DYNEO DD-1001F-BF, with its state-of-the-art technology, replaces the previous forcing test heating/refrigerated circulator from the ME series. Additional temperature profiles can be easily individually programmed by the customer for further tests.