From Coolant Rigs to Precise Temperature Control Solutions


Testing of internal combustion engines (ICE) and their components have long required temperature control, but as the electrification of transportation grows so has the demands for thermal management during testing.

Simple coolant rigs traditionally used to supply effective cooling for ICE’s no longer provide the control necessary for modern electrical applications.

Whether you are working with batteries, fuel cells or a long list of powertrain components, each still require not just precise temperature control but controlled flow rates for standard operation tests or testing under extreme conditions.  

JULABO is evolving with these changing requirements. Our product range covers entry level recirculating coolers also known as “Chillers” up to our sophisticated PRESTO highly dynamic temperature control systems. This wide range from JULABO gives us the flexibility to offer off the shelf products or tailored custom solutions that are perfect for our customers and their applications.

The PRESTO range and their accessories can provide for temperatures from of -93°C to +250°C with a wide range of heating and cooling capacities. When combined with key accessories we are also able to precisely control flow rates from 0 l/min to 80 l/min. This gives our customers a powerful and versatile system that can precisely simulate any testing conditions.

Specific adjustments to customer request for lower flow rates:
PRESTO W56 with flow control system

  • Pump capacity flow rate: 0...80 l/min
  • Pump capacity flow pressure: 0.48...3.2 bar


Technical data standard  PRESTO W56