Cannabis Extraction


The sale of cannabis products is increasing and requires efficient and low-maintenance extraction and refining processes. Numerous end products are currently available on the market - from the raw extract in different consistencies to the crystalline or the dissolved pure substance. The breadth of the possible administration forms is reflected in the multiplicity of processing methods. These require sophisticated temperature management that is perfectly adapted to the respective requirements. 

Our product range offers you all the equipment needed to build up the different temperature zones within the entire process. The individual temperature control systems are highly variable, easy to handle, and have an operating system designed down to the last detail. The benefit - all variables can be easily and precisely adjusted to your needs. You can determine the optimum parameters for the raw material and the desired end product.

If you have any questions or need detailed advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not only offer the necessary technology - we also have the know-how to design and optimize the process. Together, we find a solution for cannabis extraction that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Cannabis Extraction


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