DYNEO DD-1001F-BF Forcing Test Refrigerated-Heating Circulating Bath New

to determine the ‘best before’ date of beer

The JULABO Beer Forcing Test Bath in conjunction with a photometer determines the product life of beer before clouding. The simulated aging process is achieved through a programmable temperature profile, which is repeated, until the first clouding develops.

Your advantages

  • Automatic cycles of temperature ramps simulate aging
  • Pre-programmed temperature profiles for forcing test
  • Program modification possible at any time
  • Integrated meter for reproducible time sequence
  • Large bath opening with insert for 20 bottles, 0.5 liters each (Racks for other bottle sizes on request)
  • Removable Plexiglass® cover

Technical Data

Order No. 9021709.BF
Category Beer Forcing Test Refrigerated-Heating Circulating Bath
Working temperature range (°C) -30 ... +100
Temperature control PID
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.01
Setting / display resolution 0.01 °C
Temperature Display 3.5" TFT Display
Heating capacity (kW) 2
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol)
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) 8 ... 23
Pump capacity flow pressure (bar) 0.1 ... 0.6
Viscosity max. (cSt) 50
Bath opening / bath depth (W x L / D cm) 35 x 41 / 30
Pump connections M16x1
Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm) 8 / 12
Filling volume (liters) 42 ... 56
Refrigerant stage 1 R452A
Filling volume refrigerant stage 1 (g) 170
Global Warming Potential for R452A 2140
Carbon dioxide equivalent stage 1 (t) 0.364
Digital interfaces RS232
Analog connection input / output Optional
Ambient temperature 5...40 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm) 45 x 64 x 95
Weight (kg) 73.7
Included with each unit Stainless steel insert basket for 20 x 0.5 liter bottles Plexiglass bath cover.
Bath tank Stainless steel
Bath cover integrated
Cooling of compressor Air
ATC3 Calibration.
ATC3 Calibration.
‘Absolute Temperature Calibration’ for compensating a physically caused temperature difference, 3-point calibration.
Brilliance. In color.
Brilliance. In color.
Large color display with vivid luminance is easy to read, even from a large distance.
Connection. Easy.
Connection. Easy.
Inclined pump connections (M16x1) facilitate the connection of applications. Each unit includes 2 barbed fittings of 8/12 mm diameter each.
Everything at the front.
Everything at the front.
All operating controls and safety functions are accessed easily and comfortably from the front.
Fill level. Monitored.
Fill level. Monitored.
Fill level indicator on the display for heat-transfer liquid.
Highly precise.
Highly precise.
PID Temperature control with drift compensation and adjustable control parameters, temperature stability ±0.01 ... ±0.02 °C.
Information. Everything clear.
Information. Everything clear.
Information in plain text on a large color screen.
Operation in multiple languages.
Powerful. Adjustable.
Powerful. Adjustable.
Strong pressure pump, continuously adjustable.
Process stability.
Process stability.
Early warning - visual and acoustic - of critical states increases process stability.
Process. Under control.
Process. Under control.
Full control of the dynamic, access to all important control parameters for individual process optimisation.
Programmer. Integrated.
Programmer. Integrated.
The integrated internal programmer makes it possible to automatically run temperature time profiles.
Standard connection using the optional serial RS232 interface.
Temperature. Under control.
Temperature. Under control.
External Pt100 sensor connection for precise measurement and control directly in the external application.
Turn. Push. Go.
Turn. Push. Go.
Easy operation of all parameters using the central controller.
Remote control made easy using the integrated USB interface.

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Model: DYNEO DD-1001F-BF
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