Calibration Baths

for calibration of sensors, measuring instruments and thermometers

The JULABO calibration baths are perfectly suitable for applications in calibration laboratories and conform to the requirements specified by DIN ISO 9001. The instruments provide highest temperature stability to ±0.005 °C and temperature uniformity better than ±0.01 °

The series include models with cooling units for working temperature ranges from -30 to +200 °C as well as calibration baths for temperature ranges from +50 to +300 °C. Reference temperature measurements can be carried out with an additional precision reference sensor. This saves additional costs of a digital thermometer.

Product Features

  • LCD DIALOG DISPLAY backlit for convenient interactive operation
  • Keypad for setpoints, warning/safety values and menu functions
  • ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control), self-optimizing temperature control
  • TCF Temperature Control Features to optimize the control behavior
  • ATC3 3-Point-Calibration
  • Pt100 External sensor connection for measurement and control
  • SMART PUMP, electronically adjustable pump stages
  • Unique early warning system for low liquid level
  • Adjustable high temperature cut-out, visible via display
  • RS232/RS485 interface for online communication
  • Integrated programmer for 6 x 60 program steps
  • Highest temperature stability to ±0.005 °C (±0.02 °C at +200 °C)
  • Temperature uniformity better than ±0.01 °C
  • Optional Pt100 sensor for reference temperature measurements
  • Temperature chamber with overflow at maximum liquid level
  • Active Cooling Control

Product Overview

HighTech SL Calibration Baths

for working temperatures from +50 °C to +300 °C

JULABO calibration baths are ideal for high precision calibration of sensors, measuring instruments, thermometers, etc. The instruments are certified for application in DKD laboratories and according to the requirements specified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

HighTech SL Calibration Bath SL-8K from JULABO view 1
Model SL-8K SL-14K
Working temperature range (°C) +50 ... +300 +50 ... +300
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.005 ±0.005
Heating capacity (kW) 3 3
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) 22 ... 26 22 ... 26
Pump capacity flow pressure (psi) 5.8 ... 10.2 5.8 ... 10.2

HighTech SL Calibration Baths

with integrated cooling machine for working temperatures up to -30 °C

The calibration baths in this category feature an integrated refrigeration unit and are suitable for calibration applications to -30 °C. The bath cover with openings and Viton® sleeves is already included in delivery for all models.

Calibration Bath FK30-SL from JULABO view 1
Model FK30-SL FK31-SL
Working temperature range (°C) -30 ... +200 -30 ... +200
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.005 ±0.005
Cooling capacity (kW) 0.46 0.46
Heating capacity (kW) 1 1
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) 22 ... 26 22 ... 26
Pump capacity flow pressure (psi) 5.8 ... 10.2 5.8 ... 10.2