Technical data

Thermal H350

JULABO Thermal H350 is a hydrocarbon-based bath fluid that is exceptionally stable and can be used within a broad working temperature range and at high temperatures up to +350°C.

Working temperature: +50 °C ... +350 °C


  • Broad temperature range
  • Exceptionally high stability
  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Minimum odor
  • Long fluid life

JULABO Thermal bath fluids are carefully selected and long-term tested media with ideal thermodynamic properties for a variety of applications. These bath fluids are ideally suited for temperature applications using JULABO instruments, and ensure safe, reliable operation as well as optimum heat transfer efficiency.

Please note: If the fluid is used below the specified lowest working temperature, this can cause the temperature to fluctuate or the overtemperature alarm to trigger because the fluid on the heater is too hot. Recommendation: Reduce the heater capacity during the heat-up process until the lowest specified working temperature is reached.

Use of silicone tubing: Silicone tubing is suitable only for limited use with hydrocarbon-based fluids since the plasticizers it contains will dissolve, causing the tubing to become brittle. There may therefore be a risk of injury, especially at high temperatures.

Technical data

Order number 5 liters 8940111
Working temperature +50 ... +350 °C
Flash point +200 °C
Fire point +235 °C
(kinematic at 20 °C)
48.3 mm²/s
(at 20 °C)
1.04 g / cm³
Pour point -34 °C
Boiling point +390 °C
Ignition temperature +450 °C
Color light yellow
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.0008 (g/(ml × K))
Heat conductivity 0.131 (W/(m × K))
Specific volume resistivity 1.6x10¹⁵ (Ohm × cm)

Specific heat capacity




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Thermal H350
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