How do I select the best suited temperature control system for my application?

We guide you into the world of temperature control technology by giving you a brief overview of the basic questions to determine the most suitable temperature control system. Based on your requirements, our JULABO expert can offer you the perfect temperature control solution for your specific application.
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Whether you need your temperature control solution for an internal application (e.g. temperature control of samples) or an external application, (e.g. measuring cells, refractometers, polarimeters, photometers, viscometers, fermenters, electrophoresis chambers, chromatography columns, rotary evaporators or rheometers) our JULABO experts will help you to find the most suitable temperature control solution for your application.

Further applications that can be temperature controlled with our wide product range:
jacketed reaction vessels, distillation apparatuses, miniplant applications, photometers, refractometers, calibration of measuring instruments, thermometers material testing, technical systems, incubation, corrosion tests, temperature control applications of cultivations or temperature tests for food and beverages, kilo labs, freezing point determination, low temperature calibration, petroleum testing, material stress testing, combinatorial chemistry, reaction blocks, DC/DC converters | inverters, electric motors, pumps & pump drives, electronic components, batteries, charging systems, coupling components, airbags or injection nozzles.