Recirculating coolers without refrigerant

Environmentally friendly, compact models for simple cooling tasks

Recirculating coolers without a conventional refrigeration circuit are ideal for customers who want to dissipate smaller amounts of heat in external systems. They operate completely without refrigerant and require very little maintenance.

Product Features

  • Connect, switch on and get started
  • Very quiet
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Small footprint
  • Economical

Product Overview

AWC air-to-water recirculating cooler

for working near ambient temperature extremely compact recirculating cooler to remove small heat loads.

JULABO's Air to water recirculating cooler AWC100 is an extremely compact solution, designed to remove small heat loads from external systems such as from Peltier-elements. The highly competitively priced AWC100 features a compact footprint and is designed specifically for applications where cooling water can be above ambient and where temperature control is secondary.

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Working temperature range (°C) +20 ... +40
Cooling capacity (kW) 0.4
Pump capacity flow pressure (l/min) 3.5
Pump capacity pressure (bar) 0.49

TE Peltier chillers

Energy-efficient temperature control for external applications

With their robust design and precise temperature control, Peltier chillers are ideal for simple temperature control tasks in laboratories and research facilities. They operate without refrigerants and are therefore very environmentally friendly. At the same time, the reliable chillers contribute to lowering operating costs and reducing the ecological footprint thanks to their energy-efficient operation.

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Working temperature range (°C) -5 ... 40
Cooling capacity (kW) 0.4
Pump capacity flow pressure (l/min) 7
Pump capacity pressure (bar) 1.2