JULABO has it all: The right solution for every need.

Looking for accessories? Our extensive line of accessories covers everything from adapters to heat transfer liquids to protective media for water baths.

Numerous accessories are available for the individual customization of JULABO temperature control units.

Shut-off valves Shut-off valve view 1

Adapters and Valves

Optimally coordinate temperature control instruments and applications. Safely interrupt and drain temperature control circuits.

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Flat bath covers Flat bath cover view 1

Bath covers and gable covers

Increase energy efficiency by preventing steam leakage and the associated fluid loss.

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Metal tubing Metal tubing view 1

Tubing and insulation

Connexion aisée de l’application à l’appareil de thermostatisation pour une utilisation optimale dans toutes les plages de température.

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Stainless steel test tube racks Test tube rack, stainless steel view 1

Test tube racks

Anti-tilt and fixation of different samples as well as supporting consistent temperature control in the bath.

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Lab automation & unit management Profibus DP Interface view 1

Software / Laboratory automation

Optimal support in the remote control and automation of complex temperature tasks.

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Calibration and Manufacturer‘s Certificates ISO-3-point calibration certificate for calibration baths view 1

Certificates / documentation / services

Uncomplicated and expert assistance regarding equipment qualification, installation, operation and maintenance.

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Electronic plug connectors Electronic module view 1

Sensors/electronic plug connectors

Reliably measure temperature and pressure in applications with temperatures from -75 °C to 250 °C.

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Stainless steel bath tanks Bath tank B13 view 1

Bath tanks

For flexible adjustment to applications and optimal usage of available space.

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Booster pumps Booster Pump view 1

Booster heaters / Booster pumps / Extension kits

Adjustment of existing pump and heating capacity to larger and more distant applications.

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Bath fluids Thermal HL30 view 1

Bath fluids and water bath protective media

Carefully tested fluids for optimal results and safe operation of JULABO temperature control instruments.

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Cooling installations & heat exchangers Installation cooling coil for counter-cooling with tap water view 1

Cooling installations/assembly frames/brackets

Flexible attachment to applications as well as mounting on baths. Expansion of the working temperature range with additional cooling installation.

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Filter mats Filter mat view 1

Filters and filter mats

Protect the applications and instruments from contamination by using filters.

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Flow control Flow control solution MID DN 15 for PRESTO W55 view 1

Flow measurement and Flow control

Reliably measure and regulate flow in the external application.

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