NEW: Thermal H300 bath fluid for high temperature applications with Forte HT

JULABO Thermal bath fluids are carefully selected and long-term tested media with ideal thermodynamic properties for a variety of applications. These bath fluids are ideally suited for temperature applications using JULABO instruments, and ensure safe, reliable operation as well as optimum heat transfer efficiency.

With Thermal H300, JULABO offers a transparent, high-performance hydrocarbon-based heat transfer fluid that is odorless and has very low toxicity. Particularly in the upper temperature limit range, Thermal H300 impresses with its high thermal stability, which results in a long life time for the bath fluid. Due to the low steam pressure, almost pressureless operation is possible in heat transfer systems. In the case of thermal decomposition, no toxic products such as benzene or phenol are produced. Due to its properties, Thermal H300 doesn't need to be declared as a hazardous substance.

Thermal H300