Booster Pump

The JULABO magnetically coupled Booster Pump is the ideal solution to increase the pressure or flow rate in your application.

The Booster Pump is specifically designed to be easily connected between the PRESTO® and your application The Mag Drive Booster Pump can increase your fluid pressure by up to 2.1 bar.

The stainless steel design of the Pump provides excellent resistivity against chemical effects. The magnetically driven design guarantees 100% leakage free operation over an extraordinary temperature range of -90 … +250°C.JULABO

ModelBooster Pump (magnetically coupled), 2.1 bar

  • JULABO Order number: 8810020
  • Working Temperature Range-90 … 250 °C
  • Pump type: Magnetically coupled centrifugal pump
  • Pump material: Stainless steel
  • Suitable fluids: Water-Glycol, Silicon oil, Fluorinert®
  • Maximum Viscosity: 50 cSt
  • Maximum flow rate: 80 lpm
  • Maximum Pressure: 2.1 bar*1
  • Fluid connectors: M30x1.5 male*2
  • Mains power supply: 208 – 230V ±10% / 50-60 Hz 1~
  • Current consumption: 1.85 A (208V) / 2A (230V)
  • Heat input: 230W at full motor speed
  • Control input: 3 pin connector to connect to PRESTO® (alarm out).
  • Pump control cable: included (5m)Pump pressure adjustmentManuallyPump pressure indication2 pressure gauges, for input pressure and ouput pressure Overall Dimensions
  • Housing Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 13.2 kg

1) In addition to the pump pressure of the suitable JULABO Unit 2) Adapters may be required.

Technical data
Order number 8810020
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