Save costs with energy-efficient refrigerated circulators

Laboratory circulators ensure reliable and precise temperature control of samples, test specimens and processes in basic research, material testing or in technical plants. In many of these applications, partial load operation is usually sufficient for efficient dissipation of heat. Energy-efficient refrigerated circulators can help customers save operating costs and also reduce the environmental impact.

For this reason, JULABO offers four energy-efficient temperature control instruments for different customer requirements: The new models CORIO CD-449F, CORIO CP-449F, DYNEO DD-449F and MAGIO MS-449F. All four refrigerated circulators have been developed with a focus on energy efficiency and work with natural, environmentally friendly refrigerants. In the partial load range, this can lead to significant operating cost savings and thus to a faster return on investment for many applications. At the same time, the lower energy consumption makes a positive contribution to climate protection.

Another advantage: The 449F refrigeration unit has a large bath volume. The unit is perfect for precise temperature control of larger or a variety of samples in the bath.