HT60-M2 High temperature circulator

2-zone technique for working temperatures up to 400 °C

JULABO high temperature circulators can be used for temperature applications up to +400 °C. The units provide powerful heating capacities for shortest heat-up times and rapid compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions. The closed construction prevents oil fumes even at high temperatures. The units provide automatic heat-up and cracking protection to ensure long life-time of the bath fluid. The filling system automatically purges the fluid system of air. Units with model designation ‚C.U.‘ are equipped with a powerful cooling unit for tap water connection. This allows for temperature applications already at +20 °C and for rapid cooling. Typical applications: Reactors, autoclaves, distillation columns, miniplant installations, pilot plants and production facilities.

Data at mains voltage / frequency:
400V/3PNPE/50Hz (Plug 16A CEE)
Order No. 9 800 062
Working temperature range +70 ... +400 °C
Temperature stability ±0.01 ... ±0.1 °C
Heating capacity 7 kW
Pump capacity flow rate 14 ... 18 l/min
Pump capacity flow pressure 0.8 ... 1.2 bar
Filling volume 2 l
(W × L × H)
23 x 23 x 58 cm
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Product Features

  • Working temperature range up to 400 °C
  • Self-optimizing ICC temperature controller
  • Strong pumping capacity 18 l/min - 1.2 bar max
  • Automatic air-purge allows easy filling
  • Automated heat-up feature adjusts to external systems
  • Bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) with display resolution 0.01 °C
  • Backlit interactive 4-line LCD display
  • Stand-by input for external emergency switch-off
  • Integrated programmer stores up to 6 profiles (60 sections each)
  • Electronic level indication
  • ATC function for simple correction of temperature variations
  • High heating capacity for short heat-up times
  • High pump capacity
  • Small filling volume
  • Cooling water connection for cold oil overlay
  • Extended lifetime of the fluid
  • Easy to integrate into installations due to the modular concept (separation of circulator and operating panel)
  • Various interfaces
  • Reduction of pump pressure via bypass (accessory)
Dimensions and volumes
(W × L × H)
23 x 23 x 58 cm
Filling volume 2 l
Weight 29 kg
Pump connections M16x1 male
Temperature values
Working temperature range +70 ... +400 °C
Temperature stability ±0.01 ... ±0.1 °C
Temperature display resolution 0.01 °C
Ambient temperature 5 ... 40 °C
Data at mains voltage / frequency:
400V/3PNPE/50Hz (Plug 16A CEE)
Performance values
Heating capacity 7 kW
Pump capacity flow rate 14 ... 18 l/min
Pump capacity flow pressure 0.8 ... 1.2 bar
Viscosity max. 30 cST
Power 12 A
according to DIN12876-1
Classification III (FL)
IP Code
according to IEC 60529
IP 21
Digital interface RS232 / RS485 / Profibus optional
External pt100 sensor connection integrated
Integrated programmer 6x60 steps
Temperature control ICC
Temperature display LED
Temperature setting Keypad
Available voltage versions
400V/3PNPE/50Hz Plug 16A CEE 9800062.07

Accessory for HT60-M2

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    100% Checked.
    100% testing. 100% quality. Each JULABO Circulator undergoes thorough quality testing before leaving the factory.
  • Blatt wächst in einer Glühbirne
    Green technology.
    Development consistently applied environmentally friendly materials and technologies.
  • PT100
    Control of the external application
    External Pt100 sensor connection for precise measurement and control directly in the external application
  • Made in Germany
    JULABO. Quality.
    Highest standards of quality for a long product life.