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JULABO has stood for professional temperature control for more than 50 years. We have customers working with our high-quality temperature control solutions in almost all areas of research and industry, benefiting from the exceptional JULABO quality. With 11 subsidiaries worldwide, customer service and support play a key role at JULABO. In particular, the solution-oriented JULABO Custom Solutions department focuses on professional and individual custom applications. For every customer-specific requirement, suitable complete solutions or additions from the comprehensive accessory program are available.

Automotive industry

There is probably no industry in which the demands for quality of supplier components is as high as in the automotive industry. Our decades of experience and highly dynamic temperature control systems allow us to easily cover all the requirements for environmental simulation during material testing, quality assurance, and stress and load testing.

Material and component testsMaterial- und Komponententests

Chemical / pharmaceuticals industry

In the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, reactor temperature control and temperature control in the area of process technology are important issues. Precise and stable temperatures are an important factor in production performance and quality. The highly dynamic temperature control systems and circulators in our product portfolio reliably support the temperature control of your chemical and pharmaceutical  processes.

Chemical process technology

Cannabis sales market

The sale of cannabis products is increasing, requiring efficient extraction and refining processes  that need sophisticated temperature management. Our portfolio offers all the equipment you needed to build up the different temperature zones within the entire process.

Cannabis extraction

Food industry

In the food industry, precise temperature control is an important aspect in many areas, to guarantee the consistency and quality required by food producers, consumers and health authorities for a variety of foodstuffs. In addition to temperature-dependent quality controls and analyses, temperature control units are also used in the determination of ‘best before’ dates, temperature simulation, freeze-drying and research tasks.

Food industry

Semiconductor and electrical industry

In the manufacture of semiconductors and electronic components, temperature-dependent processes are reliant on highly precise temperature control. For example, in the case of batch etching even minimal temperature fluctuations can change the etching rate. Temperature control systems such as our refrigerated circulators and recirculating coolers and chillers are therefore essential to successful implementation of batch etching in wet chemical wafer production. 

Temperature control solutions in the semiconductor industry

Aerospace industry

The need for smooth operation of components used in space mean that material testing must be carried out under extreme temperatures and with significant temperature fluctuations. In addition to our highly dynamic temperature control systems, our temperature control experts also assist with user-specific custom solutions for extreme environment simulations.

Test of satellite components

Other application areas

Our instruments are also used in the food industry, biotechnology industry, petrochemical industry, plastics industry, metal and steel industry, at universities, colleges and institutes, in the cosmetics industry, medical industry and in hospitals, in the dental industry, optics industry as well as the construction industry and packaging sector.

Just ask the JULABO temperature control experts! Benefit worldwide from the competence of our experts and contact us early for a personal consultation. Thanks to over 50 years of practical experience, when it comes to application questions we are confident that we will have the right temperature control technology for you. 

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