New in the JULABO product portfolio: quick-connect couplings

Many customers use high-precision temperature control units on applications where frequent changes of fluid lines are necessary in the process flow. To meet this demand, JULABO is expanding its accessories portfolio with so-called quick-connect couplings and can thus offer even more customized solution packages.

Quick-connect couplings ensure that regular line changes are uncomplicated and at the same time prevent the loss of temperature control medium. The precise couplings connect the fluid lines to the equipment, causing only a small pressure loss and thus supporting the performance of the overall system. Suitable for all common JULABO units, the quick-connect couplings are available in two versions: normal design and clean-break design.

The standard version covers a temperature range from -20 to +200 °C or -45 to +220 °C. The clean-break models can be used within the extended temperature range of -45 to +220 °C. Additionally, the clean-break models allow for a lower amount of leakage and thus minimal air entry during coupling. Both versions are now available in the accessories portfolio.

If you have any questions about the quick-connect couplings, please feel free to contact our consulting experts at any time.

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