PRESTO W41 Process system new

Compact process systems down to -45 °C

JULABO's water-cooled PRESTO W41 process system uses environmentally friendly, natural refrigerant. It combines high performance and a very compact design with all the advantages of the PRESTO series for a working temperature range from -45 °C to +250 °C.

The highly dynamic temperature control systems PRESTO are designed for high-precision temperature control for a wide range of applications such as reactor vessels or material stress tests. Moreover, by using efficient components, the process systems can compensate exothermic and endothermic reactions exceptionally fast. Permanent internal monitoring and self-lubricating pumps ensure a long life-time. In addition, numerous interfaces offer many remote control possibilities across networks or for integration into higher-level control systems.

Performance data depends on the mains voltage in the country of use. Please select:

Country of use | Mains voltage | Plug | JULABO voltage version code
Working temperature range -45 ... +250 °C
Temperature stability ±0.01 ... ±0.05 °C
(W × L × H)
13 x 29.5 x 26.4 in.
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Product Features

  • Heating capacity up to 2.7 kW
  • Temperature stability ±0.01 °C ... ±0.05 °C
  • Alarm output
  • Built-in 5.7’’ industrial color touchscreen
  • External Pt100 sensor connection
  • Second external Pt100 sensor connection (accessory)
  • Connections for USB, Ethernet, RS232, and Alarm output
  • Analog connections, RS485, Profibus DP (accessory)
  • Pump pressure up to 1.6 bar, max. flow rate 50 l/min

Technical data for PRESTO W41

Dimensions and volumes
(W × L × H)
13 x 29.5 x 26.4 in.
Internal usable expansion volume 2.7 l
Minimal process volume 3.5 l
Active heat exchanger volume 1.7 l
Weight 183 lbs
Pump connections M24x1.5 male
Temperature values
Working temperature range -45 ... +250 °C
Temperature stability ±0.01 ... ±0.05 °C
Setting the resolution of the temperature display 0.01 °C
Temperature display resolution 0.01 °C
Ambient temperature +5 ... +40 °C

Performance data depends on the mains voltage in the country of use. Please select:

Country of use | Mains voltage | Plug | JULABO voltage version code
Cooling of compressor 1-stage Water
Cooling water pressure max. 87 psi

Recommended cooling water properties
to provide full cooling capacity according to catalog values
Cooling water temperature range 35 °C
Cooling water difference pressure 7.3 psi
Cooling water consumption 1 1 l/min

1 Cooling water consumption may vary outside recommended cooling water properties.

Sound pressure level 60 dbA
according to DIN12876-1
Classification III (FL)
IP Code
according to IEC 60529
IP 20
Pump type Centrifugal Pump (Magnetically coupled)
Interfaces Alarm output / Ethernet / Modbus / Profibus optional / REG/EPROG optional / RS232 / RS485 optional / SD memory card / Standby-Input optional / USB
External pt100 sensor connection integrated
2nd external Pt100 sensor connection accessory
Integrated programmer 8x60 steps
Temperature control ICC
Absolute temperature calibration 3 Point Calibration
Temperature display 5.7" TFT Touchscreen
Temperature setting Touchscreen
Available voltage versions
9421411.N1.03 230V/50Hz (Schuko Plug - CEE 7/4 Plug Type F) (R1270)
9421411.N1.03.chn 230V/50Hz (CN Plug) (R1270)
9421411.N1.04 230V/50Hz (UK Plug Type BS1363A) (R1270)
9421411.N1.05 230V/60Hz (CH Plug Type SEV 1011) (R1270)
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Heat-up time

Medium: Ethanol

Cool-down time

Medium: Ethanol

Accessory for PRESTO W41

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PRESTO W41 Benefits

Highest measuring accuracy

‘Absolute Temperature Calibration’ for manual compensation of a temperature difference, 3-point calibration

Quick support

If an error occurs, the integrated Black-Box function permits fast diagnosis by the JULABO service team

Services 24/7.

Around the clock availability. You can find suitable accessories, data sheets, manuals, case studies, and more at

Satisfied customers.

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