Visco Baths

for highly precise temperature applications in the bath tank

JULABO Visco Baths are used for precise temperature applications with capillary viscometers and density meters within the bath tank. The units offer high temperature accuracy and optimal temperature distribution throughout the bath. An integral cooling coil for cooling water is provided for temperature applications below or near ambient temperatures. The units are equipped with a holder for thermometers and therefore offer very good options for temperature calibration procedures and comparisons with accredited thermometers.

Product overview

Order No. Model Working temperature
range (°C)
Temperature stability
Number of viscometers Heating capacity (kW) Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) Pump pressure (psi) Comparison
9162331 ME-31A +20 ... +60 ±0.01 3 2 11-16 3.34...6.53
9162518 ME-18V +20 ... +150 ±0.01 2 2 11-16 3.34...6.53
9162616 ME-16G +20 ... +100 ±0.01 2 2 11-16 3.3-6.5


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