Pioneer in augmented reality at Achema in Frankfurt


JULABO was one of the pioneers at Achema in Frankfurt to utilize not only 3-D animation but also augmented reality. This step into the future gave attendees their first opportunity to look deep into the engineering and design of PRESTO temperature control systems.
A cutting-edge tablet app placed a 3-D image of a PRESTO unit directly into the live view of the surrounding environment. A variety of functions and animations thereby made it possible to gain a unique perspective on features that would otherwise remain hidden from view. The JULABO team accompanied excited visitors on an AR journey into the heating and cooling recirculating loop of the PRESTO units. New technology with depth detection eliminates the need for printed cues so the app can be used anywhere. This makes it ideal for determining space requirements and for seeing how a PRESTO unit can fit into a crowded laboratory, for example.

In addition to its existing product line, JULABO also exhibited the new DYNEO series of advanced immersion circulators, refrigerated circulators, and heating circulators for applications that demand a high degree of accuracy, economy, ease of handling, and precision. Units of the DYNEO series are user-focused, with a unique rotary knob for a new, modern method of control. Conveniently located on the front side of the circulator head, it provides direct access to the menu for control of all functions and settings. Unlike similar instruments with a touch display, the rotary knob gives the user tactile verification of each completed action. DYNEO’s sophisticated yet straightforward operating concept makes it easier to quickly access the most frequently used functions.

The W55 Power Package is a particularly powerful complement to the PRESTO series and was another big highlight at JULABO’s booth at Achema. PRESTO units are the big guns of highly dynamic temperature-control systems and give users the power to achieve rapid temperature changes and do it with precision. They cover a temperature range of -92 to +250 °C with extremely high cooling and heating capacities.

Approximately 250 visitors found their way to the JULABO booth party on June 13th where they enjoyed themselves with the JULABO team until late in the evening. Renowned bartender Domenico Termine served classic cocktails which were enjoyed together with Black Forest delicacies prepared by exclusive caterer Schwarzwaldschön. Moderator and comedian Beni Ocker gave a spontaneous performance as a hurried reporter in the middle of the festivities for the final touches on relaxed atmosphere.


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