JULABO USA, Inc. Launches Industry Blog


JULABO's new blog, "Chill Out with Luca", will highlight applications and tips for their innovative temperature control instruments. Today JULABO USA, Inc. announced the launch of a new blog on their website. The blog, titled “Chill Out with Luca”, will feature applications, tips and tricks, recommendations and advice.
JULABO plans to have different members of their staff writing blog posts. This will allow prospects and customers to ask any questions they may have regardless of whether they are about product specifications, service issues or application requests.

“We’d like to have a well rounded blog where all questions will be answered. This could even turn into a learning experience for us. We’re quite excited to see how things take shape,” said Dirk Frese, Director of Sales and Marketing at JULABO USA. “Our complete range of chillers, circulators and new PRESTO line of instruments has shown us that the applications are endless. We have been approached by different industries requesting our instruments for a plethora of applications. Now that we have these new purposes, we’d like to pass that information onto our current and future customers to make them more successful.”

Be prepared to check the Chill Out with Luca blog weekly, as the JULABO team is planning on a new post each week. Visit JULABO's blog here:


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