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The use of a chiller in an industrial heating application can have many meanings. The most common application employs a traditional cooling unit to remove heat from a process using a cooled media, in most cases water, at temperatures from 5 °C to 40 °C. The market supporting water cooled applications has many suppliers providing solutions from point of use chillers to large industrial scale chillers with remotely located cooling towers.
Size the Cooling System Properly
For applications requiring a Temperature Control Unit (TCU) with cooling capacities of 2.5, 5 or 10 kW tailored to specific needs consider the JULABO SemiChill products. The SemiChill TCUs provide a customized approach to liquid temperature control applications: a variety of options from cooling capacity, temperature range, heating power, circulating pumps, electronics and in-line filtration. These systems can accommodate the use of deionized water, water/glycol mixtures, silicone oils and HFE fluids in external fluid circuits.
JULABO Reaction Solutions offers a wide range of options in glass and stainless steel in a variety of scales for chemical and biological applications including cannabis.
Berghof GmbH pressure reactors offer a proprietary PTFE lined reactor for corrosive chemistry investigations. A flanged PTFE liner forms a seal with a PTFE o-ring. The PTFE-lined reactor lid completes the 100 % inert reactor environment. Optional liquid / gas sampling ports in PTFE and PFA-coated thermowell and internal heating/cooling coils provide operational flexibility.
Do you have a JULABO refrigerated heating circulator without external Pt100 temperature control? Would you like to upgrade? This can be accomplished rather easily. Circulators including the ED, EH and MA paired with refrigeration units can be upgraded to external Pt100 temperature control with the ME circulator. The ME incorporates external Pt100 temperature control and includes a larger VFD display.
Sizing a chiller for condensing applications in pilot and production settings requires careful consideration of various factors. Ensuring delivery of the proper cooling capacity, safety features and other options will provide high performance and reliability.
Condensers:  Calculate First
Understanding the distillation requirements for the process is paramount to sizing the proper chiller. Applications running the same process continually (i.e. no variation of the solvent) are the easiest case.
Electronic devices have become ubiquitous components in daily life. From smart phones to computers and automobiles these devices make personal and business endeavors more efficient and safer. At most these components undergo durability testing for temperature extremes experienced at various locations and seasons around the globe.

Ever wonder how the best before date is determined on the bottle or can of beer that you enjoy?

Brewers determine this date by inducing artificial ageing in a batch of beer.  Also known as a forced ageing test, this is accomplished by cycling the packaged beer from low to high temperatures over several cycles.  Doing so expedites the maturation of the brew to a cloud point.  The brewers analyze the beer and use a calculation to determine the ‘best before’ date.

Large Reactor Temperature Control

Scale up of processes from 50 L to 200 L presents an interesting problem for temperature control in glass reaction vessels.  Factors that must be considered include:

In our daily routines we interact with and use devices that make our lives easier. Items in this category include a furnace for winter warmth, a clothes dryer and automobiles. To keep these devices running properly and safely regular maintenance becomes second nature; such as changing the furnace filter, cleaning the dryer lint filter after each load and periodic maintenance of an automobile’s engine and brakes. This upkeep is paramount to maintain peak performance, safe operation and ensure longevity.


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