Upgrading a Refrigerated Heating Circulator to External Temperature Control Capability (Pt100)

Do you have a JULABO refrigerated heating circulator without external Pt100 temperature control? Would you like to upgrade? This can be accomplished rather easily. Circulators including the ED, EH and MA paired with refrigeration units can be upgraded to external Pt100 temperature control with the ME circulator. The ME incorporates external Pt100 temperature control and includes a larger VFD display.

Necessary steps:
  • Contact JULABO with your existing model and serial numbers
  • Your JULABO account manager will quote the necessary ME circulator components and desired Pt100 sensor
  • The ME circulator will be configured specifically for your refrigeration unit (e.g. F12, F25, etc.)
  • Upon receipt of the ME circulator simply:

1) Remove the old circulator
2) Install the new ME on the refrigeration unit
3) Connect the cables, power cord and Pt100 sensor
4) Install the Pt100 sensor in the external application
5) Set the ME to external control and now you can control directly from the external application

This upgrade is also possible on legacy systems such as the F12-MD and other models.

Contact JULABO for additional information.