It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

Ever wonder how the best before date is determined on the bottle or can of beer that you enjoy?

Brewers determine this date by inducing artificial ageing in a batch of beer.  Also known as a forced ageing test, this is accomplished by cycling the packaged beer from low to high temperatures over several cycles.  Doing so expedites the maturation of the brew to a cloud point.  The brewers analyze the beer and use a calculation to determine the ‘best before’ date.

The Julabo FP38-ME refrigerated / heating circulator has a 40 L bath tank holding 20 bottles up to 0.5 L.  The handy rack enables easy bottle placement and removal while a clear plastic lid permits observation of the contents.  The unit includes preprogrammed high / low temperature cycles that can be adjusted for temperature and number of cycles and a cycle counter.  Programs and cycles can be customized as needed.

The next time you reach for a refreshing bottle of beer remember that a Julabo temperature control system helped ensure the products optimum freshness.  Julabo:  The Temperature Control Company