Aerospace Component Testing

Electronic devices have become ubiquitous components in daily life. From smart phones to computers and automobiles these devices make personal and business endeavors more efficient and safer. At most these components undergo durability testing for temperature extremes experienced at various locations and seasons around the globe.
Devices intended for upper atmosphere and outer space commercial, government and military applications require testing at another level. The structural and electronic components must undergo durability testing mimicking the low temperatures and vacuum of space. This testing is crucial to ensure functionality, durability and efficiency once in operation. A satellite cannot return for repair once launched.
A vacuum chamber is used to conduct the component testing. Parts are loaded into the chamber where a high vacuum is established and the temperature lowered to imitate space conditions. The Presto® family of Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems from JULABO provides the cooling and heating power necessary for these tests. Small chambers can achieve -20 °C with the Presto A40 and -60 °C with the Presto A80. The Presto W91 and W92 have the power to deliver -65 °C and lower to large chambers.
JULABO products are used to ensure that components intended for use in The Final Frontier provide years of trouble-free operation.
Presto® is a registered trademark of Julabo GmbH.