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US: Automated Temperature Control for Bioreactors

03/08/2022 | Gregor Kempf

Temperature control plays a critical role in biochemical production. Advances in biochemistry drive innovation across various industries and applications, including medicine, smart materials, alternative fuels, food, cosmetics, agriculture, environmental remediation, and more. Bioreactors play a critical role in these advances, including developing and producing vaccines to address the global spread of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. To say biochemical production is essential is an understatement. The work in biotechnology and biopharma laboratories is critical to our way of life and our future.

Automated Temperature Control Units

The more we depend on biochemical breakthroughs, the more we’ll need solutions that protect and advance our scientific processes. Optimizing biochemical processes means controlling specific parameters to maximize the desired product. Nutrient/reagent addition, process monitoring, atmospheric control, temperature, and other factors come into play. Biochemical reactors that use automation to control specific variables maximize process efficiency and reproducibility.

Jacketed bioreactors or fermenters require a circulating temperature control unit (TCU) to ensure proper temperature control of the process. The scale of reactors ranges from benchtop (<5L) to production scale. In general, the temperatures range from 20 °C to 85 °C with occasional exceptions. Given that some bioprocesses generate heat, like fermentation, TCUs with heating and cooling capabilities provide ample compensation for heat generation. Since temperature plays a vital role in biochemical production, it makes sense to automate your temperature control to maximize efficiency and reproducibility. Therefore, it’s important that the TCU (temperature control unit) has communication options that support automation. A TCU that allows the user to control the unit via automation software and a computer is ideal. Additionally, TCUs with an external temperature control function (such as Pt100 or thermocouple) facilitates control from inside the process. JULABO offers a variety of products useful for biochemical processing from R&D to production. Some examples include DYNEO DD-1000FFP51-SLSemiChill SC5000aFL7006FL11006FL20006.

Bioreactor Temperature Control Selection & Recommendations

In addition to some of the units listed above, JULABO can configure options based on your needs. Finding and sizing the recirculating chiller or heater you need to optimize your bioreactor is a science in itself. Understanding your heating and cooling needs, applications, lab environment, and your business and automation can help. JULABO USA offers personalized product recommendations to ensure you have a unit that fits your science. Our account team listens to your needs and guides you through finding a unit that will enhance and automate your process.

With 27-plus years of experience in the North American market, JULABO has successfully installed and paired many TCUs with bioreactors. Our units are in various laboratories and industries, helping to advance research, discovery, product development, and innovation. To find the TCU you need for your bioreactor temperature control needs, contact your JULABO representative. Or, request a conversation and consultation.